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Find Lost Neurons

January 23rd, 2007 by Ryan McGeary · 90 Comments

After years of emacs usage, sometimes I feel like my fingers get ahead of me. The esoteric set of key combinations are an extension of my subconscious. Maybe my cerebellum short circuits the impulses from my frontal lobe, but when I’m asked how I perform a particular task in emacs, often I cannot answer without ghost typing on my imaginary keyboard. I’m either not alone or destined for the loony bin. My wife’s money is on the latter.

To help recover those lost keystrokes, try M-x view-lossage. This function displays the last 100 input keystrokes in an emacs-esque way. It is also bound to C-h l.

If you ever want to record more than 100 keystrokes, try M-x open-dribble-file. After specifying the file location, it starts writing all keyboard characters to the file. To stop the dribble, pass nil as the file argument like so:

(open-dribble-file nil)

Speaking of dribble, you’ve got a little something on your chin. On the left. No, your other left.

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