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Recent Features in Carbon Emacs

March 5th, 2007 by Rob Christie · 83 Comments

It’s always nice to delete code or configuration files while maintaining or increasing functionality. The 2007-01-06 Carbon Emacs build now imports paths from the user’s shell (bash, tcsh, zsh). Note: The latest available build is from 2007-01-21, and includes a few more goodies. This added functionality allowed me to delete a few setq exec-path and setenv "PATH" statements from my .emacs.

Carbon Emacs includes a number of bundled lisp packages. Since my switch to Mac OS X and Carbon Emacs last year, I started removing duplicate lisp packages from my load path. The decision of whether to keep a package in my site lisp or utilize the bundled package was initially hard. I am a pack rat by nature, and initially I didn’t want to give up control. Eventually, I decided to use the bundled packages for all but the modes that I already update directly from version control repositories. My rationale is that if I am not actively updating a package, then it’s better to just clean up my site-lisp folder and reduce the clutter.

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