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Emacs Key Bindings in Windows

May 10th, 2007 by Ryan McGeary · 3 Comments

XKeymacs Screenshot This might be old news to some, but it was new to me.

XKeymacs is a keyboard utility to realize emacs-like usability on all windows applications. With XKeymacs you can use emacs keybindings with any windows application. You can create a keyboard macro and assign any shortcut key too. You also get bash-like command completion in your DOS shell.

This may very well void the need for Emacs Keybindings in MS Word.

I only played with it briefly as I’m no longer Windows-bound, but my initial impressions were good. Here is a more comprehensive review of XKeymacs.

Once you install it, the bindings are global – they work in Windows Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel, in text-boxes and combo-boxes – everywhere. As for applications that provide their own readline bindings (such as Gnu Emacs on Windows), you must setup key-binding exceptions…

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