M-x all-things-emacs


All-things-emacs is here to provide a place for both emacs n00bs and hax0rz to gain a little more out of emacs. Our goals are to:

  • Provide links to recent emacs happenings.
  • Provide another location beyond the newsgroups, IRC, and wiki for emacs users to communicate.
  • Provide what few gems of emacs wisdom we have.
  • Hopefully generate more discussion around emacs.

Ryan McGeary

My best days are when I’m super productive, and there’s nothing better than using or creating tools that help achieve great levels of productivity. The Pragmatic Programmer advises “learning one editor and learning it well.” While Dave Thomas has since had some regret about this statement, I think the premise still holds. Keep your tools sharp and use them to their full potential. Emacs happens to be my most versatile tool. I learn something new in emacs all the time, and I hope to learn more by co-authoring this blog. Watch me code. Follow me on Twitter.

Rob Christie

At various points in your career you have to make a decision about whether to go the management route or stay technical. While my course has strayed from time to time I am on that technical path (and much happier for it). I use emacs daily, and I want to learn more and hone my craft. Co-authoring this blog is a means to that end.